Microlight Training: learn to fly: microlight

Our Reviews

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Our instructor

Tony Hope has been flying since 2007 and was taught by the current world champion. He has trained numerous students and never has had one fail a flying test including those examined by third parties. To find out more read our testimonials.

Our services

We are able to offer the complete package from a short trial flight or if you wish to obtain your pilots licence, the ground school, ground exams, the complete flying training syllabus and the final flying test known as the GST (General Skills Test). This means that you will not suffer delays due to trying to make arrangements with other organisations.

You will also be given the opportunity to fly into larger aerodromes including Duxford, Sywell, Cranfield and Oxford. This training will count towards the licence requirements and will give you the skills and confidence to really go places.

Our Equipment

Our GT450 will always be in the excellent condition and is equipped with the following to ensure you receive your training in a safe and quiet environment:

Flycom helmets / intercom system that cut out more background noise than any other system built for use in open cockpit flying. This ensure a stress free teaching environment in the sky as we will be able to communicate clearly without having to shout above the background noise.

Approved panel mount radio (similar to those used in light aircraft) ensures we are able to communicate clearly with ground stations and other aircraft. It also allows us to legally speak to air traffic control whilst in their airspace. Most Microlights are fitted with hand-held radios that are secured to the aircraft using various methods; they cannot be used legally in controlled airspace.

Modes S transponder increases the safety of the flight by broadcasting our location to secondary radar sights and other aircraft equipped with collision avoidance systems. It also allows us to easily gain permission to enter controlled airspace as we will always be identified to them.

High powered LED landing, Navigation and Strobe lights add to the safety to ensure we are seen by other aircraft.



A great experience from my first flight through to getting my Licence. Tony’s relaxed manner in the aircraft puts you at ease. Highly recommended

Tony Billingham from Rushden

A couple of years ago, my wife bought me an experience voucher for my birthday. I`d never flown before, not even on a commercial flight. Although I was very excited I was also very nervous, of course I did my best to hide this. Truthfully I was sh**ting myself :)

Tony was the Pilot. And I`ve got to say did a brilliant job of making me feel at ease. On take-off I was shocked just how quick his plane moved, but before you know it, we were in the in the air. From that point onwards I absolutely loved it, and of course then I just had to learn to fly.

Tony is a brilliant instructor, His skill with the plane makes you feel at ease from the very start. Although a few times I felt like giving up, he's always there with good advice. I`ve got my pilots licence now, but he`s always there for advice when I need it .When you fly with him, it really is more like going flying with your best mate.

Gary Charman from Clapham

Exciting, exhilarating, from nervous student first flight, through unfelt first instructor hands off landing, first solo flight elation, to qualified microlight pilot Tony Hope was there. Instructing all aspect of flying with aplomb – from ground-school to actual flying, his wealth of experience, unfailing sense of humour, care for me, and calm manner ensured instruction was appropriate to me and I learned in a safe and effective way – passing my pilot’s test in the most efficient time for me.

To learn to fly is fun, Tony’s teaching is superb. When you learn to fly a microlight Tony is the person to have in the back seat – he is still there nagging at the back of my head – even now.

Thomas Lundie from St Neots

Not long after I started flying training I discovered I was pregnant and thought that was the end of my dream of getting my private pilot’s Licence. After discussing it with Tony we agreed that if I would need to pass my test before the baby came. Tony was brilliant and did all he could to get me through in time. I passed my test with Chris Hassel when I was 37 weeks, and two years later I’m still enjoying flying.

Abigail Hill from Potton